So nachhaltig ist Alepposeife

Aleppo soap: production, ingredients and special features

Basically you can use the Aleppo soap for your whole body and your hair. You can find an overview of how to use the natural soap here:

  • Aleppo soaps are most commonly used to body to clean. The soap is ideal for both hands and the rest of the body.   
  • the hair only gradually get used to the new care. They need to adjust and can seem a little shaggy at first. Aleppo hair washing soaps are especially good for hair. These also contain essential oils and a lower proportion of laurel oil.
  • Also in full bath you can use Aleppo soap. You inhale the essential oils in combination with warm water. 

By the way: The ancient Greeks and Romans also used soap to wounds to heal.

Aleppo soap cleanses the skin particularly mildly thanks to the contained surfactants. It is also said to have other properties: Aleppo soap 

  • sustainably greases the skin and scalp.  
  • helps that shed on the scalp to reduce.
  • expands the bronchi and relieves symptoms of asthma and bronchitis. 
  • supports the healing of bruises, abrasions or insect bites.
  • alleviates the symptoms of skin diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitisand acne.

So sustainable is Aleppo soap

Aleppo soap comes from Syria and must therefore first be imported to Germany. Nevertheless, the soap is environmentally friendly and sustainable:

  • Laurel and olive oil are natural, renewable raw materials. This makes the soap completely biodegradable.
  • The traditional Aleppo soap is plasticfrei packaged to continue breathing and maturing after production.
  • Since the soap is produced according to the old method, it is vegan and is made without animal testing manufactured.
  • A bar of Aleppo soap will keep for several years. Even if you use it regularly, 200 grams will last at least half a year. The soap is therefore more economical than any conventional shower gel or shampoo.
  • If you buy soap from Aleppo, you can support local olive oil producers and soap factories in Syria

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