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Today we would like to introduce you to our new loyalty program.

As with well-known bonus programs, bonus points are mainly awarded for purchases in our shop. Of course only if you have registered for it. It's easy to do with a click on the "Hamster Points" button at the bottom left of the page.

We wanted to keep it as simple as possible: every euro earns you one point. In addition, we also reward regular visits to our site without you having to buy anything. The points can then be saved and redeemed for gifts. You can also see this directly at any time if you are registered in the bonus program.

The awards in detail are:

  • 50 points - free shipping
  • 100 points - 5% discount on the next order
  • 125 points - donate 25 trees
  • 150 points - €5 voucher to the next order
  • 200 points - 10% discount to the next order
  • 225 points - donate 50 trees
  • 250 points - €10 voucher to the next order

So far so good! But what does donating trees mean?

At Green-Mates.de you automatically donate a tree with every item you buy. In addition, instead of spending your saved points on yourself, you can decide to donate them and use them to plant more trees and thus counteract your CO² emissions. Your donation will be processed immediately and will become our partner OffsetEarth help to realize reforestation projects and other measures Co². Your donation will then be displayed under your name on this page. So we are all slowly planting a whole forest together. 

So everything done right! You buy sustainable products, plant trees, collect points and plant trees again. And honestly, no one will be angry with you if you treat yourself to a voucher and get a discount. Our shop and our forest live from the fact that you stop by again and again.

Whatever you do, make it sustainable and have fun doing it!

A few pictures of ours

Your green mate

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