Maniokmehl - Was es ist, woher es kommt und was es nutzt

What benefits Cassava?

  • naturally gluten free
  • Among other things, it contains a lot of iron, which the body needs for various jobs.
  • Cassava can also be made into a healthy paste as an exfoliant to nourish the skin.
  • the flour is nut free


As is Cassava manufactured?

It is a gluten-free flour made from the entire root of the plant. It is peeled, dried and then further processed. Finally, a mealy substance is formed that can be used for various purposes.

use of Cassava

Such a gluten-free flour can be used for different purposes be used. For example, it becomes very common as a substitute for other flour taken if one grain or gluten free diet is undertaken.

bake with Cassava

In principle it is possible Cassava in one 1:1 ratio exchanged for normal wheat flour. However, it is not suitable for all recipes. Although it has a similar consistency as so-called all purpose flour, but is significantly lighter. This should be taken into account when baking. By the fact that it lighter is, it also absorbs more liquid.
When baking, you simply have to try out the amount that is needed as a substitute for normal flour. It is best to try this first with a recipe that you already know and have baked a number of times. Because then the switch is easier and you can react faster if too little or too much of the Cassava has been used.
What else needs to be considered when using Cassava is baked?
When baking with cassava flour, a few points should be considered. Because it absorbs a little more water than other products. This must be the case with some courts fewer Cassava be used as, for example, of wheat flour. Because otherwise it could be that a bread is already done on the outside and the dough on the inside is still very soft. In addition, the flour is also comparatively dusty.
A sample recipe with Cassava: delicious cassava pancakes
  • 1/2 cup cassava flour
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 Tasse Kefir
  • two eggs
  • some coconut oil
  • two teaspoons of coconut blossom sugar
  • a pinch of cinnamon
  • a teaspoon of maca powder
  • two teaspoons of baking powder
Notice: 1 cup equals 125 ml
The preparation:
First they will cassava flour, Put the cinnamon, maca powder and baking powder in a bowl and mix. All other ingredients are poured into another container and mixed thoroughly with a whisk. It should now be as smooth as possible. In the next point, the previously generated cassava mix fold in and stir well.
Then a teaspoon of coconut oil is heated in a large and coated pan. The pancake batter is then poured into these in portions and baked for about two minutes on each side. To prevent it from burning, a little oil is poured into the pan from time to time. After the Pancake Once it's baked, it can still be served according to your own wishes fresh fruits or maple syrup to be garnished.
May I join cassava flour also lose weight?
Although cassava flour is not a so-called low carb foods. Nevertheless, it contains significantly fewer carbohydrates than white flour. In addition, these are also among the good of their kind. They provide the body with energy, which he needs for various jobs. The flour is also suitable for different diets, among other things.
Cassava is a tropical plant that is mainly found in AsiaAfrica and also in South America grows. She is rich in good carbohydrates, the donate valuable energy and don't make fat. This makes it suitable cassava flour including diets. It is also advantageous that there is a low glycemic index has. Furthermore, it is both gluten free as well as nut free and can therefore be consumed by a large number of people without any problems. The included Saponine relieve inflammation and provide for one healthy intestinal flora.
The valuable product can be used in different ways. In the kitchen it is a healthy alternative to white flour. However, it has a different consistency. It should therefore be tried out which quantities are required.

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