Klimateufel Online-Shop?
Do you like shopping online and still want to act sustainably? This is not so easy. We list the most important tips on how online shopping and climate protection can be better combined.
Even though Corona is dominating the media right now, we don't want to ignore the climate. There was far less attention last year for the following message: In the USA, Amazon Prime has recently started delivering items with a price of less than one dollar – without shipping costs. One wonders whether this will make the billion-dollar donation obsolete.
Selling sustainably looks different!
Because every single order consumes resources: from logistics to packaging to transport. Quite apart from the returns that arrive in web shops - in some segments up to 30 percent and more. So consumers are also in a dilemma:
Run or sympathize with Fridays for Future, and at the same time shop online or stream every series on Netflix & Co. - that doesn't really get along. Or?
“Green” online shops – how does that work?
More and more web shops are declaring themselves to be as sustainable as possible. Especially for smaller shops like us, this is of course a good way to stand out from the crowd, although it is also in our personal interest. This basic attitude and the focus on regionality and sustainability is absolutely necessary! For us, for the environment and to be able to compete against Amazon, Zalando etc.

We set ourselves the following criteria:
  • Sustainable products: Of course, the best argument is when we sell goods that are already ecological, sustainable and/or fairly traded. 

  • Offset CO2 emissions: Even giants like Zalando now offer an optional additional fee per order, which the emerging Co²- to offset emissions. It's currently 25 cents there. We go one step further and automatically plant a tree for every product purchased.

  • Green shipping: Service providers such as DHL offer shipping solutions in the GoGreen tariff for a small additional fee, which the outcast Co² compensate

  • Shipping: We only charge shipping costs that correspond to the actual resource expenditure. Free shipping only from a higher order amount is another mechanism so that consumers can make their purchases from us as collectively as possible, which in turn is more climate-friendly.

  • Packing material: We not only pay attention to green raw materials and short supply chains for the products themselves. A giant box with a plethora of plastic filling material for a manageable product? This allows Amazon & Co. to annoy their customers. 
    We don't take part there! Our cardboard is made from recycled paper and grass-based pulp. We also reuse boxes and filling material as far as possible, because using the same packaging twice saves completely on another.

  • Sensible handling of returns: Even politicians are now trying to anticipate the waste of returns. We sell returns as B-goods in the shop or donate them to a good cause.
  • Supply Chains: We select suppliers, suppliers, labels, partners and brands based on whether their philosophy is consistent with our own. We want to check this again and again and make it transparent for our customers.
However, sustainability is only given if you also act carefully behind the scenes. Just like us at Green-Mates.de. We are gradually implementing a corporate philosophy that focuses on sustainability in all areas. This includes the following points, among others:
  • Goals that do not focus on maximizing profits, but on the benefits for our customers and society.
  • Environmentally conscious products and materials for our office, sustainable food to supply our employees.
We are constantly working on living up to our social responsibility. And hope that the models mentioned will find numerous imitators!


opportunities for consumers

As a consumer, you have great power. Most people are rarely aware of this. Wherever possible, you can support local shops. Order books and similar goods from the bookstore around the corner, if there is one in your area. This strengthens the local economy, supports small retailers and jobs and saves resources in shipping. At the same time, your careful actions ensure that municipalities and inner cities do not become more orphaned.
If you're heading downtown, boost small labels and boutiques. Ideally, those who consciously choose their suppliers according to transparent criteria. Do you only get your favorite products online? Or you don't want to sit in your car every time? You also have a choice online:
  • Order directly from the online shop: And not with his marketplace account from Amazon or similar marketplaces. This often only takes a few seconds to search on Google. We use the lost commissions sensibly and hopefully other shops too. You are also doing something for the shop if it is run parallel to the web shop.

  • Things you don't need immediately: Mark them on lists. Then you can have them sent all at once. Or order higher quantities for your supplies. Larger quantities can also be ordered with friends. Collective orders save a lot of Co² a.
  • Sustainable aspects: When shopping online, take into account all the points that we mentioned above for retailers. So green shipping, CO²-Compensation, shipping costs, packaging material etc.

  • No CO2 centrifuges: Not only the SUV serves as a symbol for climate sins. It is better to get goods that have to be refrigerated all the time in the local supermarket. That is why we at Green-Mates.de do not offer any fresh/perishable food.

  • Eco label: Which verifiable sustainable criteria does a product meet? And how closely are they controlled? Be wary of labels and claims that little can be found out about. We try to place as much information as possible in our shop, but we are always available for further questions.
Also pay attention to transparency. The more a manufacturer reveals about its products, the better. What ingredients are included? Where did this come from? How is the supply chain structured? Who in the company checks compliance with the criteria and how often? Shops like us report regularly on how they are in close contact with their suppliers.
At this point we would like to end with a link to a picture of quarks:
Greetings and until the next blog
eure Green Mates 
Image source: https://www.facebook.com/quarks.de/photos/online-shopping- wird-oft-als-klimasünder-verteufelt-bei-vielen-produkte-aber-ka/10161126027400564/

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