Alle Infos zum Einsatz von Kurkuma und Tolle Rezepte

This article is about the following:

  1. What can you Curcuma deploy?
  2. what can you do with Curcuma Cook?
  3. How can I Curcuma use as a dietary supplement?
  4. How do I get Curcuma-Stains clean again?

Today we want to tell you what and how you can actually use turmeric. We will focus on the use of Curcuma in our kitchen lay. Nevertheless, we also go into the use as a dietary supplement.

What can you Curcuma deploy:

Curcuma (also called turmeric or Indian saffron) is a tuber from the ginger family. Curcuma is in the kitchen due to his strong color properties especially as a spice known. Also plays Curcuma also plays an increasingly important role in the food supplement industry, since the dye in Curcuma (the so-called curcumin, which is about 2-5% in the Curcuma is included) health-promoting effects are said. However, due to the EU-Helthclaim regulation, we refrain from going into more detail.

Is used as a spice Curcuma e.g. a Found the main ingredient in the curry spice mix. The yellow color in the curry usually comes through from the mixture Curcuma awarded. So you can already deduce that turmeric is used a lot in Indian, Asian and British cuisine.

From the taste is from Curcuma spicy and bitter-earthy and therefore not the right product for everyone right away. Especially if you Curcuma as a dietary supplement, there are many people who don't like the taste.

In these cases, this can be remedied by Curcuma not to be swallowed pure on a teaspoon, but to be taken as a "shot" together with honey and some milk, fat and pepper, for example.
There are also many suggestions on the Internet, e.g. fruit juices Curcuma and other “superfoods” (e.g. barley grass, rosehip powder and Ashwagandha) to be taken together.
Besides, you can Curcuma also mix well with vegetable or smoothie juices.

Recipes like these are also classic golden milk or you can get one Curcuma Pasta mix.

Besides, you can Curcuma and other things of course even in capsules bottle There are different capsule machines on the internet or videos on YouTube.

what can you do with Curcuma Cook?

Here is a small selection of possible uses:

Curcuma Recipes for salad and vegetables

  1. Turmeric is wonderful to have in yours Use salad dressing. Mixed together with a balsamic vinegar, some olive oil, a high-quality sea salt, some pepper and, if necessary, a pinch of ginger, you can conjure up a wonderful salad.
  2. Otherwise you can also use turmeric and ginger very well a carrot salad combine.
  3. Or all of them Curry salad creations (e.g. curry noodle salad) contain turmeric.
  4. With vegetables you can e.g Coconut curry with spinach or Bean and potato curry do.
  5. As a little tip from oriental cuisine, turmeric is also wonderful Oriental potato salads or quinoa or lentil salad recipes.


Curcuma Recipes for milk

  1. That's ayurvedic Golden milk recipe is one of the most famous turmeric recipes. Here turmeric and other spices are drunk together with milk (usually plant milk) as a hot drink. There are also ready-made spice mixtures such as our Golden Milk Spice.
  2. You can also use turmeric and milk together as a milk ice cream enjoy.
  3. Another delicious recipe is also the Turmeric Milk Rice.


Curcuma Recipes for rice

  1. Turmeric can also be used traditionally for rice. However, you should be here be careful with dosing. Because the recipes towards Saffron rice go, you should rather use less here, especially if you personally do not like the bitter and unique taste of turmeric. You can possibly balance this out with some cinnamon.
  2. As already mentioned in the point of turmeric recipes with milk, turmeric is also an option rice pudding as a prescription.

Curcuma Recipes for meat

Indian cuisine tends to be vegetarian. Nevertheless, turmeric can also be enjoyed wonderfully with meat.

  1. Just Chicken dishes alla curry style immediately come to mind here.
  2. But there are others too indian recipes, such as a Darts Masala or meat mixes for that oriental tagine.
  3. You can also make your own with turmeric marinades for meat mix. There are many paths here that you can also try out for yourself.


Other uses

As a chef you can be creative. When dealing with turmeric, there are numerous ways to create new or different things.

  1. Our social media manager likes e.g. Kurkuma in Mayonnaise mixed in
  2. In Curry ketchup or tomato sauce turmeric may not shine with its color, but it can be "that certain extra" in the recipe.
  3. Turmeric also goes very well with this oriental soups.
  4. A special recipe also provides Turmericbut.


Curcuma Dietary supplement recipes

Especially when used as a dietary supplement, you would have to take very large amounts of turmeric.

Here's an example:
If a person X were recommended to take 3-6 g of curcumin per day, it would realistically be 100-200 g (for a turmeric powder with 3% curcumin content).
Since you usually do not want to consume such amounts of turmeric as a spice, it makes sense to use extracted curcumin directly or to get one Turmeric paste to manufacture. The addition of pepper and coconut fat to the turmeric paste improves the absorption of curcumin in the human organism.


Curcuma to remove stains

When dealing with turmeric, it is important to know that the Dye curcumin very colourfast is. So if you find turmeric stains on the worktop while cooking, you should remove the stains with alcohol. Curcumin can be dissolved and bound with alcohol. It is not soluble with soap.


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